Dear participants, colleagues and friends!


On behalf of the scientific committee, it is a pleasure to inform you that we will organize on June 5-7, 2019 in Homburg (Saar), Germany a Joint International Symposium entitled Vitamin D in Prevention and Therapy and Biologic Effects of Light.


In recent years, an enormous scientific progress has been made on these closely related topics and our knowledge about the effects of vitamin D and light on human health and the underlying mechanisms has exploded. This meeting is specially designed to synergistically offer scientists and clinicians insights into the latest developments in these intriguing research areas. These findings have led to promising new concepts for the prevention and treatment of many diseases including skin cancer and other malignancies. Plenary and Keynote lectures, as well as Round Table Discussions and Poster presentations, will give an update on carefully selected “hot topics”, including vitamin D, skin cancer prevention, UVA radiation and cellular homeostasis, photocarcinogenesis, and photochemical internalization.  The proceedings of both symposiums will be published in a special issue of Anticancer Research.


We hope we will see you next June in Homburg.







Jörg Reichrath





Michael Friedrich






Michael F. Holick






Thomas Vogt